CamSoda Announces BJ My Valentine - Send a Blowcast

Feb 13, 2017 – Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and, rather than sending generic chocolate assortments or flowers, CamSoda, a leading adult webcam platform, is announcing “B(J) My Valentine,” its newest initiative that allows fans to send customized virtual blowjobs to their loved one’s via email.

Fans simply visit CamSoda’s “B(J) My Valentine” landing page and customize their blowjob a la carte. They can choose between a BJ style – mixing and matching between an assortment of options including: “Tease the Tip,” “Gentle Hand,” “Fast Suction,” “Squeeze Hard” and “Deep Throat.” Once the various style(s) have been selected, users adjust the timeline/duration of each style. They then appropriately (or inappropriately) title their customized blowjob and send a link to it to their loved one(s).

Lucky recipients simply click on the link (which is untraceable and not stored) to access their gift. They pull out their teledildonics sleeve and plug it in via their USB drive. The customized BJ is downloaded on their device in seconds and available to use immediately thereafter.

Check out the official landing page for B(J) My Valentine and get started on customizing a blowjob for that special someone

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