Camsoda CamBot

October 2, 2015

POV video gaming (and porn scenes) are so commonplace that they've become part of our everyday culture. We're so used to either seeing the world as fictional characters in a fictional universe that we almost feel removed from the action rather than part of it. But if we could control a real POV scenario in real-time, that would be something else entirely.

Enter CamBot.

CamBot, a WiFi-based, remote-controlled camera-bot that broadcasts in HD, is the official 'other roommate' of the CamSoda House. Left to its own devices, it will snoop around the house with no filter and no sense of privacy; it doesn't even knock before entering a room. Shameful we know, but this curious robot gets closer to the action than any guest could ever hope for -- and the girls think it's cute, affectionately calling CamBot their 'E-Puppy.'

For a few tokens users take full control over CamBot and roam to whichever room or scenario they'd like. Navigate from yoga babes doing their daily stretches to gamer girls playing and chatting online. Think of CamBot as the Mars Land Rover's dirty cousin.

It's the perfect threesome: virtual gaming, virtual pornography, and virtual you.

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Tech Specs

Quad-Core Embedded Linux Based Computer
WiFi Based remote controlled via chat app (forward/backwards/left/right)
4 independent servo motors (Cambot is a 4x4!)
10 tokens per minute to control
HD Streaming
The girls have named it their E-Puppy
6 hour battery life