Camsoda Language Lessons v2.0

Oct 4th, 2017 – Today, CamSoda, a leading adult entertainment webcam platform, announced the launch of “Language Lessons,” a language learning program featuring successful, entrepreneurial cam models as personal tutors schooling users in an assortment of languages.

CamSoda’s online interactive program is launching out of a two month beta, during which it serviced 10,000 satisfied users, improving their overall proficiency in an assortment of languages including French, Japanese, Spanish and English, among others. Through private paid sessions users interact with native-speaking models who will help improve speaking skills, reading comprehension, pronunciation and provide general cultural knowledge about mannerisms, etiquette and body language.

“At CamSoda, we understand that learning a new language can be quite cumbersome and programs like Rosetta Stone are far too cookie cutter and expensive. With Language Lessons, users can interact with an intelligent model who is equally beautiful as she is a cunning linguist and dick-tate each lesson as they see fit,” said Darren Press, Vice President, CamSoda. “Whether it be sensual conversation or quick vocabulary quiz, our private tutors are flexible and amenable to teaching users in a manner that works best for them – breasts, butts and vaginas included.”

CamSoda’s Language Lessons allows cam models to communicate with users through both video and voice. Users can also communicate with their private tutors via text, which can then be translated into English in real-time via CamSoda’s language translation technology -- similar to what Google uses.

Interested participants can sign up for “Language Lessons” now via the homepage at There, users browse by language and/or model and request a session. Once an official request has been submitted, the model will quickly reply with available days/times. At the scheduled day/time, the user visits the model’s page and enters into a fixed length private chat for their lesson. Rates vary based upon the model and duration of the session.

For additional information on CamSoda, please visit .

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