Live Porn Consumption on Thanksgiving Day

Nov 16, 2017 – CamSoda, the leading adult entertainment webcam platform, put together some data ahead of Thanksgiving, specifically around user engagement. Turns out, mobile traffic sees a dramatic uptick during the holiday, presumably because many users are amongst family and are more inclined to sneak off to a bathroom to get their XXX fix. In fact, mobile traffic to the leading XXX platform sees a 91.9% increase (as opposed to average traffic which hovers around 75%). Conversely, desktop traffic plummets, dropping to just 8.1% compared to average traffic, which is around 25%.

Furthermore, traffic to CamSoda on Turkey Day fluctuates considerably. Within the 1PM to 10 PM timeframe, which we estimate to be when most families sit down for dinner, there isn’t much stuffing going on on CamSoda. The platform sees an 18% drop between those hours. However, as soon as the food has been scoffed down and the dinner table cleared, there is a strong surge of traffic to CamSoda, a 34% increase. What better way to cap off a fantastic holiday than with some CamSoda fun?

In addition to looking at mobile growth/decrease and traffic to the site throughout the day, CamSoda also provide data shedding light on what specific states see considerable traffic fluctuations throughout the day. The top 3 states with a significant uptick in traffic after a Thanksgiving meal are Utah (+40%), Louisiana (+25%) and Alabama (+18%). The bottom 3 states that see a dramatic drop in traffic to CamSoda following a Thanksgiving meal include New Hampshire (-12%), Kentucky (-9%) and Florida (-5%).

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