You won't believe who's spending the most money on cam girls

July 11, 2016

As dating and porn have become more acceptable with time, people continue to explore their sexuality and forge new kinds of relationships with people online. Users these days are turning to free cam sites like to experience virtual reality cams, teledildonics, exotic cam girls and porn stars of their fantasies for the first time. Although almost all of the shows are free cam shows, users may make special request and engage in private shows or group shows with the models of their choosing by offering them tokens. Tokens are the currency of the cam world and we decided to take a look at our users and see what these people are doing when trying out live sex online.

Across the United States we learned that men in highly populated states spent the most tokens. Namely in Florida, California, New York, and Texas. Whereas in smaller states not surprisingly North Dakota, Maine, and Vermont showed the least amount of tokens spent by those states.

On a more interesting note we found that top spenders are not always coming from the most populous states but from smaller states with a large energy industry. Wyoming heavy in fracking and Alaska heavy in oil stand out as the first and second home to individual users who spend the most tokens. With people in Wyoming spending 2.6 times the national average and people in Alaska spending 2.3 times the national average. Specifically we found users in Juneau Alaska spending 10 times the national average while people in Rawlins Wyoming spent 2 and a half times the national average.

Yes women buy tokens and like to see cam models perform online as well! Looking into women spending tokens online is as expected with the populous states like Florida and California, but it is interesting to see that the small state of Virginia and Missouri, which continues to battle with it’s acceptance of LGBT rights, also show up in the top states for most tokens spent by women.

Where do we find individual women spending the most money? The top 5 states by women are Florida, Missouri, Colorado, California, and Georgia. What's going on in Missouri? Years questioning what should our should not be does not stop people from experiencing the sexuality they want in private. Women in Forsyth, Missouri are spending 4 times the national average while women in Macon, Georgia are spending 3 times the national average.

As we expand outward to the world, we learn that it's no surprise United States ranks highest in total tokens spent with Canada & United Kingdom as close second & third place. Maybe the western countries are the horniest? Maybe they just have the most access to credit cards!

The top 10 countries to hit the average tokens spent shows a much more interesting picture of who the big ballers are in the world. We can see United States ranking high but we also see places that have high net worth individuals, who might be taking advantage of their tax savings, by sharing them with the models. Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and Panama serve as good examples.

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