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Jul 25, 2019 – New Digital Marketplace – aka the World’s Fair of Blowjobs - Allows Users to Enjoy Blowjobs from People in Countries like France, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Germany and the United States, Among Others Users Create Recordings of Blowjobs by Licking Their Mobile Device to Simulate Sexual Act

CamSoda, a leading adult entertainment webcam platform and a perennial early adopter of emerging technologies, today announced the launch of “Ep-Coc,” an on-demand marketplace featuring a catalogue of simulated blowjobs from renowned pornstars and amateurs from various countries across the world, including France, Japan, Brazil, the United States, among others.
With Ep-Coc, users can purchase a simulated blowjob for $0.99 (upon launch however, for a period of time, Ep-Coc will be free for users) and download it onto their interactive sex toy --- very much like someone would download a song onto their iPhone from iTunes – to enjoy. Blowjobs from each country vary on duration, rhythm, speed, pressure, etc. and are available for users to purchase a la carte. For example, if a user wanted to experience a blowjob from someone in Japan, they simply visit the “Japan” section of Ep-Coc and purchase a simulated blowjob uploaded from an individual from Japan. They can then visit the “Brazil” section of Ep-Coc to purchase a simulated blowjob uploaded from someone in Brazil and so forth and so on for a handful of countries spanning the globe.

“Blowjobs are intricate sexual acts that require skill and technique. Everyone has their own tricks to successfully stimulate their partner, whether it be ‘hard and fast’ or ‘slow and steady.’ What’s interesting is how people’s skills and techniques vary based upon their country. If you are in Japan you might use a totally different technique than someone in Germany, for example,” said Daryn Parker, VP, CamSoda. “With Ep-Coc users can experience blowjobs from different countries, all from the comfort of home. So rather than travel to some far off land this summer, take to CamSoda and enjoy some fun courtesy of people licking their phones.” The way Ep-Coc works is anyone interested in offering a simulated blowjob uses a mobile-friendly web app that invites them to lick their phone’s screen to record how they would give fellatio. The recordings are then uploaded to the Ep-Coc platform – where they are organized by country, models and/or user reviews - for people to purchase and download. When someone purchases a recording, it is downloaded onto their wireless penis sleeve, the Max 2 by Lovense, for them to enjoy. Upon launch, for a period of time, Ep-Coc will be free to users. Ep-Coc follows in the wake of “BlowCast” – an on-demand marketplace that offers users a catalogue of simulated blowjob recordings from renowned pornstars and amateurs – which CamSoda launched in 2016.

In 2016, CamSoda launched the first-ever interactive, live streaming virtual reality camming experience that allows users to consume adult content straight from virtual reality headsets.  Since then the company debuted “Holo-Cam,” its streaming technology that enables users to watch live, 3D interactive holographic cam shows and “OhRoma,” a virtual reality experience that incorporates smell.

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