PattyCast - Helping you sober up nicely!

March 17, 2020 – This St. Patrick’s Day, CamSoda is announcing the launch of the Camsoda breathalyzer featuring PattyCast. This is a bluetooth connected breathalyzer that pairs with an interactive sex toy – the Lovense Lush – to ensure intoxicated people do not get behind the wheel and instead enjoy their time sobering up.

To use PattyCast, an individual needs to pair their special breathalyzer (available for pre-purchase on CamSoda now) with their Lovense Lush sex toy via Bluetooth.

Once the breathalyzer has been paired with the Lovense Lush, they are good to go. To add to the enjoyment of their night, people can test their breathalyzer at the bar and with their friends. Anyone blowing over .08% will make the Lush vibrate, making a great addition to drinking games and beer pong for people who are using the lush with their breathalyzer!

When it’s time to drive home, a user should blow into their Camsoda breathalyzer, if (BAC) is a 0.08% or higher, the Lush will vibrate and provide them with sexual stimulation while they sober up. Users can get off and get home, feeling better about drinking and driving responsibly. Conversely, if the individual blows a 0.08% or lower, they can drive home and get off from the comfort of home using CamSoda. To further encourage people to remain under the legal limit, anyone who blows a 0.08% or lower on the special breathalyzer will be rewarded with 1,000 tokens to use on CamSoda that day.

“St. Patrick’s Day is America’s adopted holiday of debauchery and one of the biggest drinking days of the year. To deter people from getting behind the wheel and driving drunk, we’re announcing the Camsoda breathalyzer featuring PattyCast. People simply blow into our special bluetooth connected breathalyzer and if they are too drunk to operate heavy machinery and drive home, they are still able to get their masturbatory fix in while out at the bar via their Lovense Lush,” said Daryn Parker. “If they blow and are under the legal limit, they can drive and get off from the comfy confines of their residence. Not only that but they are also rewarded with 1,000 tokens to splurge on CamSoda. It’s a win-win scenario and one that will ensure everyone enjoys themselves safely this holiday.”

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