Bluetooth Cock Ring For Hands Free Payment

Jun 25, 2018 – Camsoda Labs today announced the launch of PayPhal, a technology solution that acts as a digital wallet and enables users to pay with their erections. Launching in Beta on CamSoda, PayPhal will initially enable men to pay cam models in real-time during a private cam session based upon their level of arousal, as their penis progresses from “flaccid” to “half-chub” to “erection.” In the coming months, CamSoda will look to partner with strip clubs to replace the use of dollar bills and digitize the industry..

“Erections are synonymous with the adult entertainment industry. It only makes sense that here at CamSoda we cater to our users and provide them with a seamless payment method that aligns with their horniness. All things considered, the last thing someone wants to do when fully aroused is pull out…their wallet and enter their payment details and wait for everything to process,” said Daryn Parker, VP, CamSoda. “PayPhal will go a long way towards significantly expediting things, freeing guys up to enjoy the experience without interruption. Now, not only will guys be able to pay hands free, but models on CamSoda and in strip clubs will be provided a definitive barometer of their performance. If a model isn’t putting any effort into their show, and the viewer is left flaccid, PayPhal will tip accordingly.”

To make payments via PayPhal, users simply attach a teledildonic penis ring around the shaft of their penis, which will take into account the girth of a user’s penis via the Girth Detector, which is located on the ring itself, and establish a baseline size. A user then enters into a private cam session with a model, and, depending on how aroused they get during the session - progressing from “flaccid” to “half-chub” to “erection” - PayPhal will send the model an electronic payment in the form of a tip. So, if a user enters into a private session and their penis grows four inches, the model is paid for the four inches the user’s penis grew.

In the coming months, CamSoda will look to partner with strip clubs to replace the use of dollar bills and completely digitize the industry. Ideally, patrons will be able to walk into a strip club with the penis ring on and tip performers as their penis grows while they receive a lap dance.

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