Using UV Light to Immediately Zap Semen as it Leaves the Body to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

June 18, 2020 – “Let’s face it, quarantining is hard. Being cooped up – either alone, with a significant other or with roomies – is difficult. To help pass the time over these 3+ months, many people have started feverishly masturbating and engaging in sexual intercourse. With COVID-19 being transmitted through semen this can be a sticky situation while in close quarters,” said Daryn Parker, Vice President of CamSoda. “So rather than have people masturbate into a sock or a tissue and have it laying around the house for other people to potentially come into contact with, we developed the Semen Zapper. It zaps semen as soon as it leaves the body, instantly sanitizing it. Whether you’re masturbating or having sex, use the Camsoda Semen Zapper to stay hard and stay safe.”
The Camsoda Semen Zapper is designed to help you stay super hard! It is a combination cock ring and penis sleeve, which increases girth and vibrates for maximum pleasure. Users wear The Semen Zapper as they would a penis ring and/or penis sleeve. They affix it to the base of their shaft and stick their member through it. The head of their member protrudes from the side of The Camsoda Semen Zapper that has an ultraviolet emitting light fixture. It zaps the semen as soon it comes out, killing the corona virus, whether the user is masturbating or engaging in sexual intercourse.

“While we figure out what the ‘new normal’ will look like for many things, it’s important to consider if/how sexual intercourse and masturbation will change. I don’t think COVID-19 means the end of sexual pleasure altogether by any means, but I do think it will require some adjustments. Just as facemasks have become commonplace and everyday staples to help stop the spread of this virus, we think the Semen Zapper will be that for the sex industry,” continued Parker.

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