StockCast- Power Your Sex Toy with how the Dow Reacts during the day!

March 13, 2020 – Today, CamSoda, a leading adult entertainment webcam platform announced the launch of StockCast, a platform that allows people to track the volatility of their stocks – and get sexual pleasure from it. The platform pairs interactive sex toys for males and females with the performance of individual stocks they have invested in, increasing or decreasing the frequency of vibration based on the real-time value of the stock. If the value of the stock goes up, the vibrating sensation increases; and if the stock value goes down, the vibrating sensation decreases.

Recent weeks have seen a deluge of headlines on emergency monetary and fiscal policy action from central banks and governments around the world in response to the Coronavirus. In turn, the stock market has seen extreme volatility – rising and falling tremendously.

“Here at CamSoda, we’re all about providing people with pleasure. Given how volatile the stock market has been recently, we saw an opportunity for our fans to synch their stocks to their sex toys and derive sexual pleasure from the fluctuations,” said Daryn Parker, VP, CamSoda. “The more money you make, the more pleasure you get. All it takes is one big boom.”

To use the new platform, check out and click on the cryptocurrency icon for which you want to track – and pleasure yourself. Then, click “play” and follow the instructions to sync the interactive sex toys, which include a series of penile, vaginal and anal toys. Lastly, sit back, relax and enjoy the success of your investments.

This is not CamSoda’s first venture in interactive sex toys. Previously, the adult entertainment platform launched on-demand marketplaces that offers users a catalog of simulated blowjobs and virtual cunnilingus from renowned webcam models and amateurs, which many dubbed the “iTunes of Blowjobs” and “iTunes of Cunnilingus,” respectively.

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