CamSoda reveals a sharp rise in viewership and misspelled searches on St. Patrick’s Day

Mar 15, 2019 – According to the statisticians at CamSoda, viewership to the leading adult entertainment webcam platform sees a dramatic uptick on St. Patrick’s Day. Specifically:

  • Viewers spend 19% more time on the site on St. Patrick’s Day than they usually do (we blame Whiskey Dick).
  • The peak viewing time is 2 hours later than normal hours, and viewers leave higher tips. Through their Guinness goggles, viewers appear to be much more generous towards the cam girls who came for the long haul.
  • Mobile usage increases by 43%
  • 51% of viewers misspell their searches on St. Patrick’s Day. The most popular misspelled searches include – “Ginger”, “Leprechaun”, “Irish lesbian”, and “St. Patrick’s Day”
  • Viewership in Boston, Pittsburgh, Louisville and Buffalo – cities with the highest Irish population in the country is 38% higher than in other cities.

“We’re all culprits of getting carried away on St. Patty’s Day with the fun and booze, and as a result, it can take longer than usual to find that sweet spot,” said Daryn Parker, President of CamSoda. “To help our fans out and ensure everyone experiences the luck of the Irish, we’re offering a discounted rate to all of our users. Now they can go out and have their fun and come back to some TLC, courtesy of CamSoda.”

In response to the abovementioned data points, CamSoda is launching a promo of buy 100 tokens for 300 free off all camshows for St. Patty’s Day. Fans can use the promo code “IMGETTINGLUCKY” to receive discount off all CamSoda services for St. Patty’s Day. For more information visit: CamsodaWin

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