VAB - The Virtual Assistant Blocker is here for your privacy

August 7, 2019 – According to a recent report, the sounds of lovemaking are among the noises that can trigger Alexa-activated Echo speakers, which enables other humans to listen in while people are having sex. To better protect users and provide them with privacy, CamSoda is announcing a line of ‘condoms’ that people can place over their Alexa device while they are having sex. While the condom is over the Alexa device it will temporarily mute communication between users and their Alexa, thus allowing them to make love privately and discreetly without the threat of someone listening.

“The rise of AI-powered virtual assistants poses a threat to our privacy. While the always-on, always-listening devices that we use throughout our daily lives are convenient, they come at a price. When we talk to them, who is really listening? There has been a growing concern that there are people on the other end of our Alexa’s, recording our conversations and listening in to them,” said Daryn Parker, VP, CamSoda. “Here at CamSoda, we value the privacy of our users and want to better protect them from prying eyes and ears – especially while they are having sex. With the rollout of our new condom line for Alexa-activated Echo speakers, people can ‘wrap it up’ in more ways than one and rest assured that no one is listening in on their lovemaking.”

CamSoda’s condoms will be made available in multiple colors and retail for $9.99. Condoms will be made available for Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot devices upon rollout. Condoms for additional voice assistant devices will be made available soon thereafter.

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