VapeGasm - a Technology Solution Pairing Vaping with Sexual Stimulation

June 5, 2019 – CamSoda, a leading adult entertainment webcam platform, today announced the launch of Vapegasm, a technology solution that pairs vaping with sexual stimulation. With Vapegasm, users are able to control the vibrations of a Lovense connected sex toy by how long they pull on their vape pen. Users simply pair their Bluetooth connected vape pen and any Lovense connected sex toy with the Vapegasm app on their phone to get started. The longer a user pulls on their vape pen, the higher they get and the more the connected live sex toy in a girl’s vagina vibrates. The shorter the pull, the shorter the connected live sex toy vibrates. Users can fluctuate between long and short pulls on their vape pen to provide the ultimate sexual experience.

“Vaping has exploded in popularity in recent years and quickly become part of today’s culture. Anywhere you go, you see people juuling or pulling on a vape pen,” said Daryn Parker, VP, CamSoda. “Considering how much euphoria it provides people with, it only makes sense that we couple it with sexual stimulation to deliver an experience unlike anything before. Now, with Vapegasm, people can get off while getting high.”

Vapegasm is applicable for dry herb, wax and e-liquid vape pens. It is currently only available for female connected sex toys. Male connected sex toys will be added in the near future.

The launch of Vapegasm follows previous connected sex toy integrations including SuperCast, which allowed users to synch their connected sex toys to synch to their team’s performance during the Super Bowl, just like fantasy football; BitCast, which allows users to pair an connected sex toy with their investments in cryptocurrencies; and, most recently, Derbycast, which allowed users with a connected live sex toy to sync their toy to the race horse they wagered on for the Kentucky Derby.

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