Missing Live Sports? Bet On Our Virtual Pong Tournament

May 14, 2020 – Camsoda announced the launch of a virtual pong tournament called “Two Girls, 12 Cups,” which will pit some of the hottest names in adult entertainment against each other and feature odds for people to bet on from leading online gambling company Bovada. The three-round, one-on-one, single elimination tournament will be played by adult actresses Olivia Austin, Jayden Cole, Dani Daniels, Sophie Dee, Cherie Deville, Katana Kombat, Alix Lynx, and Kelsi Monroe. Lisa Ann, sports radio host and betting analyst will bring apt analysis and color commentary to the games. The entire tournament will be live streamed on CamSoda.
“With the quarantine in effect -- which we fully support -- people are losing their minds with boredom. To provide a new level of entertainment, we’ve decided to leverage our network of beautiful adult stars and cutting-edge technology to deliver a unique experience. And, thanks to a collaboration with Bovada, we’re marrying adult entertainment and sport betting like never before,” said Daryn Parker, VP, CamSoda. “People will be able to bet on who will win certain matchups and who will win the tournament, for a chance to win money. The tournament is sure to be doozy!”

The Contestants:

In accordance with social distancing guidelines, players will compete virtually. They will set up and throw into (six) cups at the opposite end of the table. They will be responsible for arranging cups according to play and rules. With a recording device set up behind the cups at which players are shooting, it will give the players the appearance that they are playing that person. To ensure a fast pace of play, first round games will be limited to 7 minutes, second round games will be limited to 10 minutes, and the third and final round will be 12 minutes. 

This game is usually played in-person with teams of two, however with social distancing and quarantines in effect the tournament will occur virtually. Each team or player (if singles), takes turns shooting Ping-Pong balls across a table into their opponents’ cups that are arranged in a triangle. As a ball is thrown into a cup, that cup is taken away. The team or person that successfully hits all of the opponent’s cups wins the game. 

Like the rules of the World Series Of Beer Pong, the longest running beer pong tournament, players will be allowed – and encouraged – to distract their opponent. However, more in line with CamSoda’s brand, distractions that will be permitted will include sexy gestures, including flashing, groping and jiggling of breasts, as well as twerking. Players will also be wearing internet connected sex toys that fans will be able to activate to distract players. And, at least once per game, players will have to spin a wheel with an action that they will have to do including shoot blindfolded, shoot with vibrator at max vibrations, hop on one leg, shoot weak handed, etc.

Thanks to a collaboration with Bovada, fans will be able to bet on the tournament. Odds will include winners of the one-on-one matchups, and future bets on who will win the tournament. Odds will be set by oddsmakers after reviewing and analyzing footage of players.
"One of the worst things about the quarantine is that there are no live sports to bet on and people are hungry for it! This tournament will provide some much needed relief and entertainment" Said Lisa Ann "I can't wait to see which girl is most prepared and takes down the competition"

Check out the odds here.

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