Monitor and Control Your Partners Cam Spending

Dec 3, 2018 – CamSoda, a leading adult entertainment webcam platform, today announced the launch of WifeAway, a XXX spousal control platform that enables wives to use adult cam models to monitor and entertain their husbands while they are away from home. The new platform allows wives to preselect XXX cam models, monitor their husband’s interactions with the models and set spending limits for paid cam sessions. In the coming months, WifeAway will enable wives to upload an image of themselves and, using computer vision, CamSoda will be able to pair lonely husbands with similar looking cam models.

“WifeAway is a practical solution for wives to entertain their husbands in a closed environment. Think of it as a digital hall pass, which husbands can use to interact with their favorite XXX cam models, all under the watchful eye of their significant other,” said Daryn Parker, VP, CamSoda. “So, for example, when a wife is about to head out of town for a business trip, she simply deploys WifeAway on her husband’s computer to monitor his interactions and she can rest assured he won’t partake in any nefarious activities – i.e. going to the strip club - that might potentially compromise their blissful marriage. This takes ‘happy compromise’ to the next level.”

The WifeAway user interface provides two different experiences – one for the wife and one for the husband -- that are accessed with separate log-ins. The wife’s interface displays all of CamSoda’s Xnumber model profiles, from which they can select the ones they approve to interact with their husband. It also offers the ability to set spending or time limits, and features a reporting dashboard that provides user behavior, including time on the site, money spent on camming sessions and money spent on tipping. It also has a word cloud of the most popular terms typed in the chat, which can be used to understand a husband’s changing habits.

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